Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thanks to Warner Crocker (, I've been catching bits and pieces of the controversy surrounding blogs and integrity. Apparently, the purists are insisting transparency, the disclosure of hidden agendas, is an essential, sacred tenet of blogging. One problem with that: blogs are on the INTERNET! How can anyone expect blogs to stay honest when they exist in an environment that's 95% bullshit? That's like sending kids to Congress and expecting them to be unmolested. <==(inappropriate humor)

Insisting on transparency in blogs is a fool's errand given they exist in a mud pit. You think any of those busty chicks running around World of Warcraft or Second Life are actually female? That teenage girl in the chatroom is actually a middle aged dude and the boy he's flirting with is Dateline. And I'm sorry to say, from all those emails you get, none of them are from an African princess, legitimate pharmacy, bank error resolution center, or lonely single waiting to meet you.

Yeah, I agree it would be nice if the blogosphere was magically immune to being just like the rest of the Internet, but the most we can do is call B.S. when we see it and try not to step in it.

Disclosure: I am not a cat, nor am I trapped within my Tablet PC (rightfully known as a True Notebook ( I am, however, transparent enough to blog in my own handwriting.

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Blogs and Integrity


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