Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So apparently a few iPods got shipped with a Windows virus snuck on to them (http://www.apple.com/support/windowsvirus/). Apple quickly fessed up to the problem and took a jab at Windows in the process, claiming the virus snuck in via a Windows PC. War between the Apple and Microsoft fanatics soon erupted. Brilliant move. Oh, not because it somehow drags Windows into the mess. Rather, it drowns out any worries of product tampering, which would be an actual issue that could hurt their stock.

Face it, a random Windows virus can't just sneak into an iPod during manufacturing for no reason. Why would anyone even use a networked computer to load the software, much less one without antivirus protection? There was either gross negligence at the plant where these units were made or a deliberate tampering attempt. And Apple managed to skirt that issue by sending the fanboys into a tizzy. But don't cool your jets yet. If it was product tampering, the motive could go either way: anti-Apple or anti-Microsoft.

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Apple knows how to dodge criticism


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