Saturday, September 23, 2006

Despite its very basic feature set, I am pretty happy with Blogger's system, if only because I can rework the HTML to work with my unique blogging needs. However, one feature not offered which I really want is trackback ( It's the system that allows one to send a blog post to another blog's comments.

I find this option highly desirable because many of my posts are reactions to other blogs. Furthermore, when I leave comments on other blogs, I am unable to leave them in ink. Well, thanks to HaloScan (, those concerns are yesterday's news... almost.

Compatibility with TypePad ( is a bit erratic. Others have reported the same issue. Consensus seems to be that the error is on Typepad's end. Appears it doesn't like third party trackback apps.

Anyway, don't be surprised if I send you a trackback every now and then. Feel free to send me some too. But no worries if you don't: Google provides backlinks ( automatically when you link to one of my blog posts.

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