Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Ed Holloway has released a new version of his Ink Blog add-in for Windows Live Writer, and it delivers the one feature that is ironically required for every worthwhile ink blog: Text.

Sadly, Google and those other search engines are still limited to searching text. Thus, for an ink blog to be found in the vast Internet, it must conform to Google's limitations and Ed is helping to make that easier than ever.

The new beta of his ink blog plug-in adds text conversion to the mix. Now you naysayers have no footing for your anti-ink blog opinions, and you tableteers have no reason to not dabble in ink blogging, unless Live Writer doesn't like your ftp server, as it does for me, which is why "The Father of Ink Blogging" ironically cannot publish ink from this tool. C'mon Windows Live guys, you're killing me here!

Holloway Strikes Ink Blog Gold


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