Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's still called Laptop Magazine, but the way its loaded with tablets, it might be due for a name change. Flip open the April 2006 issue and the inner cover 2-page ad is from Toshiba, featuring the Tecra M4. Turn the page and there's an ad for the Motion LS800. A few more pages brings you to an ad for Tatung's tablets. Flip, flip, flip, and there's the OQO. Interestingly, both the OQO and the LS800 have the tag "world's smallest tablet PC". Motion might have to change its ad.

Halfway into the mag, the OQO shows up in a reseller ad, but a few pages after that is my favorite ad: a professional-looking page for the Electrovaya SC 3100, opposite a write-up on Steven Hanley, CEO of DualCor, with a big shot of the little cPC.

As if all that's not enough, their "Best of the Best" has a category for tablets. this month's is the Lenovo X41. And, in their "15 Notebooks in 15 Weeks" contest, there are four tablets: Gateway CX200X (already won), Fujitsu Lifebook P1510, the LS800, and the Scribbler SC3100. That's a good percentage of tablets given their market share.

Laptop Mag Converts to Tablet?


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