Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Obviously it's way too early for any of My iPhone Predictions ( to have come true, but the groundwork is being laid for the first one: Many will be sold without phone service.

First, the blogosphere is starting to notice that Apple has dropped the line ( about a two-year service contract from their TV ads. I spotted the omission a couple weeks ago, and it's been there (or rather, not there) ever since. Obviously, phone service might still be required, and even the two-year deal might still apply, but the removal of the line was no accident, so something's up.

Second, Apple's "Get Ready for iPhone" ( page states an iTunes Store account is required to set up your iPhone. Curiously. it states nothing about an AT&T account. Wouldn't that be a requirement to use the phone? Actually, no. My phone uses the Sprint network, but my account is with Working Assets Wireless. It would not surprise me if Apple (in true Apple fashion) is handling all the payments through iTunes.

So does that mean you can buy one without phone service? Not necessarily, but the fact they specifically omitted mention of any phone service requirement is quite telling, and paves the way for the prediction I made before either of these signs were revealed.

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Prediction #1 picks up steam


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