Thursday, June 14, 2007

[Photo] Being right is nice but sometimes it is better to be wrong, especially when it means my blog is more accessible than I thought.

Cheryl at Late to the Party ( read my post yesterday that ended with my assumption that the iPhone ( will be the only phone that can properly display my blog. Well, it turns out that the S60 web browser in Nokia phones are also up to the task and she posted shots of Scribbles on her Nokia N95 to prove it. That is really cool and well worth the price of being wrong. Although, S60 is based on the same tech as Safari, namely WebCore from Apple, so I'm only docking myself half credit on that.

BTW, if anyone else is interested is disproving me, please feel free to follow Cheryl's example and post a photo of your device displaying my blog. I also question whether Scribbles will display properly on the big screen in Times Square or The Colbert Report.

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Nokia N95 can display Scribbles!


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