Saturday, June 03, 2006

As Ed Hardy has discovered, it's a Tablet PC! Sharp observation, sir. What he hasn't found though is a word to describe it. Certainly can't argue with the sentiment, but the word I use to describe the freedom and empowerment provided by the Tablet PC is enabling. In short, my tablet enables me to work or play where I want, when I want. Here's a little something I wrote on GottaBeMobile in response to another commenter.

[Gotta love how the anonymous guy who's tied to a flat surface has the audacity to call my computer "crippled".

From my slate Tablet PC, I maintain a blog that is handwritten in ink, has *searchable* text and hyperlinks, and sports the occasional link in ink. And I blog from anywhere, anytime, such as waiting in the dentist's office (last week) or outside on the grass enjoying my lunch (yesterday). That's not "crippled"; it's enabled.

Plus, I've got useful mobile features such as access to online maps, email, and note-taking. I can take notes and schedule tasks without tapping on the keyboard or the rude obstruction of a screen.]

Enabling, empowering, life-expanding, no matter what you call it, the Tablet PC is definitely better than useful... assuming you know how to use it.

What's Better Than Useful?


  1. Thank goodness for open-minded individuals like Ed!

    I completely missed your debate with "some name" a month ago. I think it's a good thing, for I surely would have butted in. I find it astonishing that many people simply cannot consider that different people work differently, and that they don't know what is best for all. With "some name's" preconceived notions, he would no doubt cripple himself with a slate, and I should be ok with that, just as he should be able to accept that many people will be more productive with newer technology and more input options.

    By Blogger The Miniature Mage, at 6/04/2006 05:05:00 PM

  2. I would have gladly handed that debate over to you. I knew I had been involved with it one post too long when he layed out his argument that the efficient text-input ability of keyboards is necessary to "expand" human potential. Dude is on a whole other level of cyberspace if he thinks faster text input equates with being more human.

    By Blogger Sumocat, at 6/04/2006 06:50:00 PM

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