Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Partly a 'proof of concept', partly an exploration into the capabilities of the TPC, entirely a waste of time...."

The concept has been proven and improved upon. The capability has reached its limit until new ink blogging apps are developed. Most other innovations, such as Links in Ink, rely on user ingenuity, not tablet capabilities. The ability to create image maps, hidden text boxes, and rollover links aren't tried to the Tablet PC.

Without the former two elements, Scribbles boils down to just a big waste of time. Thus, I have decided to redefine the blog to focus move on its mobile aspect.

As you may have guessed from some of my other posts, I compose most of my entries away from home. I've also added a digital camera and Pocket PC to my mobile arsenal and I should take advantage of that. As soon as I get my act together, look out for a greater mix of content.

Need to redefine the blog


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