Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Should I bother with the Obama infomercial?


  1. I couldn't leave a comment on the Rambles side so I will here regarding this post you made:
    I don't see where it says that the McCain campaign was actually the ones who got the kids bused in. I mean at least in Ohio an event like this requires approval from the school board, superintendent and I bet the school had to give up a snow day (they only get 5). I grew up and live in this area. In 1984 when Ronald Reagan made his whistle stop tour through our area, schools were let out to let the kids attend the event or to sit by the tracks in their hometowns as he went through. These type of things are exciting events for our area. My wife saw McCain speak later that day in Sandusky, and we now wish we had pulled our kids from school to attend as it was the first time since 1948 a candidate from either party came there. As far as Joe the Plumber goes, yes McCain made a mistake, the article states that Joe was not scheduled for that event, he did accompany McCain for the next two events that day. I would bet there were a large amount of "Voting age" people at the Defiance event. In Sandusky, the line to get in started at 9:00 am for a 1:30 appearance and by noon the line was five blocks long, and many were not able to get in for an appearance that was only scheduled to last 10-15 minutes.

    By Blogger James A. Morman, at 10/30/2008 08:44:00 PM

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