Monday, November 27, 2006

Given I am now actively seeking sponsorship ( for the blog, I should probably share a few more details about myself, starting with a name.

Sumocat is Mark Sumimoto, a writer, thinker and Tablet PC enthusiast. I first stumbled upon the Tablet PC in Fall 2004 while looking for a mobile business solution. I bought my first Tablet PC sight unseen. It was a refurbished Scribbler SC500 purchased directly from Electrovaya through eBay. Though the business idea fell through, my adoration of the Tablet PC flourished.

Despite my lack of experience with the form factor, I took to the slate tablet like a fish to water. It performed accordingly with my expectations and I had no trouble adapting to its limitations. It is worth noting that I was not an avid laptop user and my disdain for under-sized keyboards made the slate more appealing since I preferred to plug in my own.

As I explored the capabilities of the Tablet PC, I became more involved with the online Tabletscape community, primarily through TabletPCBuzz ( In June 2005, I started this blog and built a reputation as an obnoxious troublemaker, I mean, thinker and provocateur.

CateGoogles: waste_of_time

SSS: Who is Sumocat?


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