Monday, May 15, 2006

Been eyeing MindManager for a while. Also been pondering alternate forms of content. So when Hobart Swan of Mindjet offered me a copy, I had to say yes. And let me say, the experience has been liberating. I posted my first map earlier today and now I'm reflecting on it with another map. It's the closest thing to "brainblogging" yet.

My First Mindmap

I. Catalysts

A. Been interested for a while

1. Repeated praise by Marc Orchant

2. Thoughts need to be collected

3. Keep telling students to outline work

B. Excited about contest

1. Timing didn't work out

a) Mom's visit

b) Mother's Day

c) working 50 hours

2. Personal connection to judge Crocker

C. Need new forms of content

1. Silver kicks my ink blogging ass

2. Not making full use of pen

3. Getting bored of straight text

II. Impressions

A. Highly intuitive and easy to learn

1. tapped the pen button

2. Gesture shortcuts tab

3. Insert sketches

B. Outstanding HW recognition

1. Only four fixes in first maps

2. Export to Word

C. ideas and thoughts flew quickly

1. More material

2. Simple format

3. Instant organization

4. No data loss

III. Brainblogging?

A. Coining a term

My First Mindmap


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