Monday, May 15, 2006

Alternate Forms of Content
I. Mind maps
A. Approached by Hobart Swan
B. Good for pure thoughts
C. Concise and uncluttered
D. Focus on context, not presentation
E. I keep interweaving ideas anyway

II. News Clips
A. Pseudo-ink fits theme
B. Easily read
C. Fun option

III. Audio?
A. Needs external host
B. Not a great orator
C. Not really my style
D. Prefer roundtable/ group discussion

IV. Video?
A. Maybe for “what's in gadget bag?"
B. Not an every day format

V. Newsmashups
A. Direct quotes
B. Annotative style
C. Blend text & visuals
D. I [love] mash-ups

VI. Photos
A. Worth a thousand words
B. Direct sharing of experience
C. Need to streamline transfer
D. Text conversion unnecessary?
E. Marking up is fun

VII. Reasons
A. Too locked by format
B. Untapped options
C. Getting bored again
D. Concept of ink proven

VIII. comic Panels
A. Out of Practice
B. Makes good use of pen
C. Fits visual/verbal thinking
D. Fun expanded communication

Mindmap: Alternate Forms of Content


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