Monday, April 17, 2006

What you see here is the last dish of seafood I will eat for the next fifty years.

I call this my 50-year fish boycott, but really it extends to all seafood. Basically, I'm giving up seafood for the next fifty years, so that the chunk of the ocean population I would normally be killing will have a chance to replenish itself so that I can enjoy seafood after I retire.

Think of it as an investment in which I build up seafood credit to be spent later, either by myself or my offspring. Not only do I want to enjoy seafood in the future, but I would like my kids to have the opportunity as well.

More details to come, but I wanted to establish this date, my 31st birthday, as the official start of my boycott, To be clear, I do love seafood and I am not giving it up. Rather, I am hoping my sacrifice now will accrue interest and deliver a hefty reward in the future. The time to preserve our seas is now.


50-year Fish Boycott


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