Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay, so Origami has been revealed and it's everything we knew it would be, which is not much. Yes, I am glad to see the built-in game controller, on-screen thumb keyboard, and other elements I've wanted, but the prototypes show no advancements and no direction. There's nothing in the hardware we don't already have and the software improvement consists primarily of a new layout for the keyboard. And what is it supposed to do? We've got specs and interface methods. but what do they do? Obviously, I know what a tablet can do, but Joe Average needs a demo, especially if there's any hope of turning the hype into actual interest.

By contrast, the DualCor cPC promises instant access to your PIM data and extended battery life through unprecedented integration between Windows Mobile and Windows XP. There's something to be excited about, and it will be able to run all the same software as a UMPC. Sorry Bill, but I'm saving my excitement for the cPC.

Obligatory Origami Post


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