Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When my wife mentioned she wanted an antique typewriter, I didn't really get it. She explained to me how she liked the connection to the authors of yore and that it is an instrument of skill and precision (something I can respect even though I already erased a dozen words in this entry). It's not for business and, as someone who grew up with a car enthusiast father, I do understand the lure of classic machinery. And now that its here, I admit it does radiate an impression of class.

Contrast that to the electric typewriter my work buddy Amine is tapping on. Yes, sadly this is for work and doubly sadly Amine is a bigger gadget junkie than I am. When he asked how to delete, Bruce wound up spilling his drink on himself as he tried to contain his laughter. On the plus side, the situation justifies my decision to not transfer to that department; Amine accepted a job I passed up. If I was sitting at that typewriter, there'd be a lot more profanity in this blog post.

Tale of Two Typewriters


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