Sunday, January 15, 2006

All the chatter about running Windows on the new Intel Macs has made it very clear that Microsoft has been a real dragging force in the computer industry lately. Allow me to explain.

EFI: Apparently Intel has been pursuing PC makers to adopt their next-gen replacement for BIOS for some time now. No one has because Windows does not yet support it. However, Apple is not constrained by the limits of Windows, which means Macs can support the newest tech while everyone else has to wait for Windows Vista.

64-bit processing: There was anticipation that the new Macs would be equipped with Intel's new 64-bit processors. Only problem is that Intel doesn't have 64-bit processors yet. No point in making them because Windows does not yet support them. However, Mac OS does, which means if Intel does roll out 64-bit before Vista is released, we will only see them in Macs.

So that's two advancements hindered by lack of Windows support that have been opened for pursuit thanks to Apple. I would bet Apple's next desktop will pack 64-bit power from Intel. The only question is whether or not Intel will let the wait for Windows support continue to hold them back.

Microsoft Drags Down the Industry


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