Friday, June 08, 2007

At Office Evolution (, Marc Orchant breaks down the update problem that's hitting the Palm Treo 700p. Apparently the update patch is either broken or unavailable, depending on your carrier. This illustrates the difficulty in working out bugs on one network, let alone multiple networks, which is a key reason why I think Apple made the right choice by going exclusively with owe carrier for their initial phone.

Marc also points out that in some cases a hard reset gets the patch working, but you need to remember to back up your data first. The iPhone will likely need regular patches to work out the initial bugs, so this applies to the iPhone too, right? Actually, it doesn't. Like the iPod, the iPhone should get updates through iTunes after it syncs, so no risk of data loss unless your whole system crashes.

I hope Palm gets their act together, at least for Marc's sake, but in the meantime, they're doing a lot to support #3 of My iPhone Predictions (

Shoutback: Office Evolution: Treo 700p patch problems - bad to worse
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Palm Treo 700p problems bode well for iPhone


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