Wednesday, May 16, 2007

But the White House does have Lute: 3-star General Douglas Lute ( promoted to the position of 'war czar' (a term that looks like it should rhyme but doesn't) where he will manage ("full-time", according to President Bush) our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Actually, "manage" might not be the right word since he is outranked by the generals on the ground and apparently has little authority at home. Perhaps he is more of a coordinator. Regardless, coordination is important when war is being waged in two regions, and our Commander-in-Chief can't be expected to do the job all by himself, or with the aid of a whole department in charge of defense. But now with Lute on the job, we will have no trouble reaching that ever lowering standard of success in Iraq.

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If I had no Lute


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