Friday, May 11, 2007

Lawyers Fetman and Garland raised a billboard with the tagline: Life's Short. Get a Divorce. (,CST-NWS-divorce07.article) Surprisingly, people weren't happy about it and found a way to take it down. More shocking, the lawyers aren't happy about that, arguing it was taken down without due process. And here's the clincher from Felman, "We own that art. I feel violated." ( See, it's art! I am appalled that the uncultured barbarians of that backwater hicktown known as, uh... oh, Chicago, could not appreciate this fine piece of creative expression. You guys need to expand your minds. Open some theatres and museums. Maybe even build a park ( that can be home to multiple museums. Whatever you do, you can't keep pulling down fine works of art from your landscape.

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