Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Been playing with Internet Explorer 7 ( for a few days. Installed Firefox 2.0 ( last night. I don't know why I wasted my time on IE. Out for a week and it's already obsolete.

Don't get me wrong. IE7 is probably a good choice for Joe Low-Tech armed with a mouse and keyboard. But using a stylus and active digitizer, I found it nearly unusable. For crying out loud, at the very least, let me move some buttons around. Some of us want all the controls on one side.

And am I missing something or is that webfeed reader about as useful as visiting the feed's website? I understand that plug-ins add headline browsing and other features, but by itself it's not very useful and I doubt feed newbies will find it very compelling.

One feature that did impress me was the tab preview screen that displays thumbnails of all the tabs I have open. In fact, I found it so compelling that I installed the extension ( to add it to Firefox.

Bottom Line: IE7 is a good browser, a great step above IE6. But I can get all the same functionality in Firefox 2.0 (or even 1.5 for that matter). In a straight-out comparison, they're even. But once I factor in the customization element, IE7 doesn't even come close.

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FF2 v. IE7: Not even close


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