Saturday, July 22, 2006

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Stopped by the Sony Style store at Tyson's Corner today. Sitting on the table as soon as we walked in was the UX180P. Very cool device. Solid, smooth design. Everything I'd expect from Sony. Fortunately for my wallet, it is also way too small for me. Actually, the size would be great if it ran Windows Mobile. Windows XP, TPC version or not, isn't geared for screens this small. Sony worked around it, but these are still workarounds.

Craig Pringle posted a great series of blog entries on optimizing Windows apps for small screens. Great work but it only reinforces the truth that Win XP is not built for small screens. The Origami interface compensates for this to an extent, but it's still the same system underneath. I think Microsoft needs to offer some serious small screen support if they want devices like this (ie, the UMPC) to take off.

Got my hands on the Sony UX180P


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