Thursday, May 25, 2006

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I. What's in my gadget bag?

II. How to Link in Ink

III. Meet Dave

IV. Home office

V. Ideal Ink Blog App

VI. Ink Blog category

VII. Why the SC500

A. How did to choose if?

B. Why do I love it?

C. How does it match my Life?

D. Turtle

1. tough

2. Battery

3. slow but Steady

VIII. What's on my desktop?

A. Taskbar placement

B. One-tap setting

C. Crosshairs cursor

IX. Domino Dropper Joins the fray

X. Three levels of Ink Blogging

A. simple. Image only

B. Intermediate: Image & text

C. Advanced: links in Ink

XI. Holy Moses! Kosher Coca-Cola!

XII. Ink Blogger Links

Mindmap: Future Blog topics


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