Saturday, February 06, 2010

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Almost literally up to my elbows in snow


  1. Only A foot??? We here in Wilmington, DE got over 2 feet outside of my house!!

    By Blogger Mike, at 2/06/2010 07:22:00 PM

  2. Over 2 feet here in near Philly.

    By Anonymous Michael Venini, at 2/08/2010 10:54:00 AM

  3. Hi Sumocat,

    It is kinda funny how you guys are figthing with the plentiness of snow and at the same time the canadians are having issues with the lack of it for the winter olympics....
    God has a great sense of humor to showcase his awsome power :)

    By Blogger Tom, at 2/12/2010 09:30:00 AM

  4. Sense of humor? 3 days after that storm, we get a BLIZZARD! Dumped another foot of snow around me! - In less than 5 days, we have had more snow than the past 3 seasons combined!

    By Blogger Mike, at 2/12/2010 01:19:00 PM

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