Sunday, June 11, 2006

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Okay Inklings, not only am I sharing the secrets of rollover Links in Ink (TM), but I've gift wrapped it in an HTML interface. Like my hide/show tag generator, this interface requires pasting the code into a text editor. However, the interface itself requires no coding knowledge (at least I don't think it does). It only works in IE, but seems fine in the Firefox IE Tab.

Again, this is just an interface to create the code for a web page that has color-shifting links in ink. The code must be saved to an HTML document and uploaded to a directory on your server that contains the inkscript JavaScript file and the inkstyle stylesheet. Also, the ink must be saved as one image, preferably in the same directory, although not necessarily. Then you must link to the web page via an iframe on your blog.

I will hammer out a process when I can, but the rough draft is ready for use and experimentation. Needs to be prettied up (both visually and code-wise). I personally think it is ugly as sin, but as this post proves: it works. A zip containing the aforementioned necessary files is available here.

Rollover Links in Ink Generator BETA


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