Saturday, December 17, 2005

Call me jaded or pessimistic, but I cannot get excited over news that MS and MTV are teaming up for an online music service. For one thing, MTV should have been at this table a year ago. The fact they aren't already "with it" shows just how out of step they've become. Secondly, MTV is largely to blame for the decline of music sales that has paved the way for the success of the iPod. It's no coincidence that music sales nave declined as MTV reduced the amount of time they give to videos. How long will their music service last before it becomes a reality show service? Finally, where's the music player? With Microsoft, they've got delivery to go with their content, but they still lack hardware, which is the key element of Apple's success. Apple's experience with providing a full computing system is translating directly into the success of their packaged music system. So unless Microsoft and MTV step up and complete their system with a music player, I will feel little urge to try out Urge.

Microsoft + MTV = Yawns


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