Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News has spread ( across the web ( that leading scientific journals (, such as Science ( and Nature (, are not accepting articles submitted in the new Microsoft Word 2007 ( .docx format. The primary issue is that the default equation editor in Word 2007 is not compatible with MathML (

While I don't write equations in word on a regular basis, I do process submissions for The Journal of Nuclear Medicine ( and The Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology (, so this flaw does directly impact my work, and I've been aware of compatibility issues (though not this particular problem) since March.

Fortunately, Microsoft's crack marketing team has done it's usual job, so I've only seen one submission in .docx format. And let me tell you, as long as Word 2007 remains unusable by our authors, I won't see many more.

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Word 2007 no good for scientific journals


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