Thursday, May 17, 2007

"By the way, Tobias had been running the Bush administration's global AIDS prevention program which emphasized abstinence, because there is nothing the administration can do that is not ironic." (
- Jon Stewart, after Randall Tobias resigned from the State Department following his revealed connection to the "DC Madame"

So true Jon, so true. For it seems the architect of the Iraq invasion, Paul Wolfowitz (, is seeking an "exit strategy" ( from his situation at the World Bank, where he arranged for a huge pay increase for his girlfriend. Some have called it "unethical", but c'mon, this is they guy who thought we could invade Iraq and then... nothing. Just throw the troops into battle and... well, that's it. There was no plan for after that. Just be victorious and mock anyone who calls for an "exit strategy". That's some wicked karma for you.

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Wolfowitz seeks "exit strategy"


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