Thursday, November 30, 2006

In setting up my new Toshiba R25 (, I thought I'd be in for a fight when it comes to cleaning out the CRAPWARE ( Turned out it wasn't that bad.

Of all the pre-installed stuff I took out, I'd refer to only two of them as CRAPWARE: WildTangent and, of course, AOL. This might be because I bought it (slightly) used with a fresh install from recovery disks, but my understanding is the RD's also reload the crapware. Regardless, I'm pretty pleased there were only a couple of critical pieces of crap.

Other programs I took out were Franklin Covey Planner and McAfee Security Center, which are certainly useful, but not what I use. Also, I took out the Microsoft Office trial because I have my own licensed copy. I didn't time it, but if it took more than 10 minutes to uninstall everything, I didn't notice. (Core 2 Duo might have sped that up.)

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Toshiba R25 CRAPWARE Free in 10 minutes


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