Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The obvious answer is money. The next answer is I need funding to push the experiment further, and sponsorship ( itself adds a new level to the experiment. But to be completely honest, I'm tired of reading about other people making money selling nearly worthless ad space.

The Million Dollar Homepage? A million pixels sold for a buck a piece and the site has absolutely no draw. The owner doesn't even maintain his blog. If he can make a million bucks just by hosting tiny useless ads, I should at least attempt to earn a few dollars from my innovative and regularly updated ink blog.

The other instigator is the cute girl ( who pre-sold ad space on her Macbook Pro. Yes, pre-sold. She was selling ad space in order to raise enough money to buy the Macbook upon which the ads are laser-etched. Yeah, laser-etching is cool, but c'mon. If ad space on the top of a Macbook is worth the value of that Macbook (with maxed out specs), ad space on the world's most advanced ink blog has to be worth enough for a spare battery and software.

But seriously folks, I'm not trying to make a million dollars off the blog. I just want to carry the experiment to the next level, and that means making some money because, as million dollar boy and cute Macbook girl have proven, crazy ideas, such as doing all your blogging in ink, stop looking crazy when they start making money.

Mood = serious

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