Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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My first paid piece of writing appeared in The Rifter #2 (, a periodical published by pen and paper gaming company Palladium Books ( This was followed by more minor pieces and a full-length supplement for the Rifts series, The Splynn Dimensional Market ( Fortunately, our relationship soured before I became as emotionally involved as Bill Coffin (, although I vouch for everything he has said about PB.

Ah, but before that happened, armed with an author's cover credit, I snagged a copywriting job at, which turned into senior copywriter when the guy before me left a few months later (thanks Fiegel (!).

Short of being an on-body bikini inspector that was the best job in the world. Why? Because I got paid to write stuff like that all the time. Target market was adults who read comic books. Boring copy wasn't going to cut it. Can't say I was great all the time, but I would earn my keep with headlines like "All Girl Action Figures". Yeah, good times, good times...

It wasn't all about the writing either. My co-workers were all terrific. There is no better work environment than one where everyone enjoys what they do and cooperates to get the job done.

But unfortunately such good things never last. The company suffered after the comic book speculation market crashed and it needed a buyer. It found one in Fandom. Sadly, they did not recognize the parallels between the comic book market and the dot-com market and marched eagerly toward the next crash.

Since then, my writing career has been in limbo. I want to write, just not for someone else. Thus, my search for a job of writing has been half-hearted at best, while my production of personal writing, as seen on this blog, has increased.

And that's where I am now, scribing away on the blog, sharing my thoughts with the world, not writing for pay but hoping to be paid for my writing. Hardly economically reliable but certainly more artistically liberating and I love it.

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