Friday, August 04, 2006

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As I just mentioned, I've decided to get a mobile phone. Despite my long standing "I don't want people calling me" rule, we've decided to make the jump for a few reasons.

First, Verizon decided to stop sending us bills and my wife is tired of fighting to get them. Thus, we're dropping our home phone and going mobile only. Here's a hint Verizon: If you want customers to pay your bill, send it to them.

Second, my PC card slot is still broken, which knocks out my wireless mobile Internet and emergency phone capability. Fortunately, my contract will be up soon and my new phone will have web browsing and unlimited data.

Third, and perhaps most pivotally, our long distance provider, Working Assets, recently expanded to offering mobile phone service. It goes without saying that we're using their service but I should explain why. Top reason: they gave us a pint of Ben & Jerry's each month the first year we signed with them. You can't buy loyalty but you can earn it with ice cream.

What's nearly as important as free ice cream though is Working Assets' commitment to various causes. They devote part of our payment to various non-profit groups and to lobby the government for changes. Other phone service providers also lobby for change, but they don't offer transparency. For all I know, Verizon's backing the fight against Net Neutrality. By contrast, Working Assets supports Net Neutrality and regardless of what I think of the other causes they support, at least I know what they are.

Bottom Line: Verizon sucks. I need mobile web access. Working Assets supports Net Neutrality. That adds up to a mobile phone for Sumocat, which BTW is an LG 225 - no charge.

Working Assets Wireless


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